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Osteomine 骨 固 靈

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Therapeutic class 治療性藥物
Joint and Cartilage 關節
Osteomine contains Glucosamine Sulfate which shows an oral absorption rate as high as 98%, is the most absorbable form of Glucosamine.

The physiological role of Glucosamine on joints is to stimulate the manufacture of GAGs, key structural components of the articular cartilage.

As people age, we lose the ability to manufacture sufficient levels of glucosamine. The resilience and tensile strength of our articular cartilages will be weakened gradually. The weight-bearing joints especially the knees, ankles, hips, low back, neck and hands) are more prone to Osteoarthritis Degenerative Joint Disease) which causes pain, deformity and limitation of motion in the joints.

Long term use of Osteomine helps the body restore cartilage structures, repair damaged joints and reduce pain caused by inflamed joints.

Given the safety and excellent tolerability of Osteomine, it is absolutely suitable for long term, continuous use.


Take one or two caplets daily after meals or as directed by healthcare professional.






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