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Weisen-U 胃仙-U

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Therapeutic class 治療性藥物
Gastro-intestinal 腸胃
Methylmethionine sulfonium Chloride has the following chemical structure. 

This substance, the main ingredient in WEISEN-U, has successfully undergone extensive trials in leading Japanese hospitals and institutes of learning such as:
-KEIO University Medical School, Physical Section.
-KANAZAWA University Medical School, Physical Section.
-ATAMI Stomach and Duodenal Hospital.
-Surgical Service of Tokyo University Hospital.
-Third Internal Service of Kyoto Prefectural Medical School Hositpal.
This substance was also studied in California, and astounding relieves were reported in the Stanford Mediacl Bulletin (May 1955 P.204).

WEISEN-U The Successor Of WEISEN
The well-known WEISEN, a gastric and duodenal ulcer remedy, has been marketed for over ten years and thousands of satisfied users can testify to its effectiveness; but as progress marches on, a new and more modern remedy WEISEN-U has been introduced.
No side effects have been reported with the use of WEISEN-U in the recommended dosage.

Composition of Dual-Action WEISEN-U Tablets
Each WEISEN-U tablet consists of 2 tablets, an outer yellowish green tablet containing antacids and an enclosed inner core tablet containing Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride. 

OUTER LAYER (yellowish green)
Biodiastase 2000.........25mg
Dried Aluminum Hydroxide Gel...192mg
Magnesium Hydroxide(excipient).159mg
INNER CORE (white to yellowish white)
Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride.25mg
After administration, the outer green tablet dissolves, releasing
antacids which immediately neutralize the excess acid present as well
as protect the stomach, and then, the inner tablet dissolves, releasing
the anti-ulcer agent which calms the vagus nerve, and so prevents
more acid from being produced.
WEISEN-U is thus a wonder drug with a double action: the outer tablet
gives instant relief and the inner tablet provides lasting effect.

Effectiveness of WEISEN-U
Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, pain of gastric ulcer, pain of duodenal ulcer, hyperacidity, stomach pain, indigestion, anorexia, heartburn, heaviness in the chest.

The usual adult dose is one tablet to be taken three times a day after meals.
To prevent a relapse, treatment should be continued 2 to 3 weeks after the symptoms have disappeared.
The discomfort felt after over-eating or a sumptuous dinner is quickly relieved by a dose of WEISEN-U.

Store in a cool and dry place. Protected from light and moisture.

Ulcer healing will be accelerated if patients, at the commencement of treatment, take a soft diet and avoid alcohol spices and indigestible food: after 2 or 3 weeks, a normal but bland diet may be resumed.

WEISEN-U Dual-Action tablets are packed in bottles of 30 and 100.

抗潰瘍素(Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride)之原質,乃白色結晶粉末、藥味稍濃、易致潮濕、且易溶解。 其化學組織如下:


「胃仙-U」雙層藥片,其外層含有強力制酸劑,服後迅速溶解,即將過多胃酸中和,保護胃膜。此時內層藥片主劑之抗潰瘍素(Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride)立即開始發揮效能,深入潰瘍部份,治療患處。
此雙層藥片構成為內外兩層,將制酸劑與其抗潰瘍素(Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride)分離,使其主劑抗潰瘍素(Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride)不致因接觸胃酸而減少其效果,故能保持耐久藥力,得以發揮最大功效。此乃本品之優點。
「胃仙-U」雙層藥片外層呈黃綠色、氣味芬芳、每片均印有"WEISEN U"字樣、以資鑑別。其綜合處方如下:


Biodiastase 2000.........25mg
Dried Aluminum Hydroxide Gel...192mg
Magnesium Hydroxide(excipient).159mg
Methylmethionine Sulfonium Chloride.25mg


(3)「胃仙-U」 解除胃腸飽滯,胃脹,使胃腸機能正常,得以吸收食物中之營養素,保持胃腸健康。





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